About Us

Versitech Industries Inc. is a privately owned industrial services company serving a wide range of customer needs since 1998. From modest beginnings we have grown in size and scope of our projects.

Versitech is born from analysis of the industrial services market, and the conclusion that there exists an unsatisfied niche of industrial consumers: Customers who recognize the value in higher quality product and highly responsive services tailored to their own priorities.

Today's business environment challenges manufacturing firms as never before. The professional mechanics, pipe fitters, welders and fabricators of Versitech thrive in this element.

Our workers are cultured to appreciate the priorities, standards and values of individual clients. We strategically differentiate Versitech with a relationship-based approach to customers. From our President through to shop helpers, we understand that success and prosperity tomorrow depend on relationships established today.

Customer satisfaction is the number one priority at Versitech. We deliver on that pledge with prompt response, decisive action plans, and high quality workmanship delivered in an efficient and safe manner. We succeed when your life is made easier!

Whether your organization needs maintenance staffing, machine installation, facility decommissioning, or consulting services; we are Versitech Industries Inc.