Certified Welding and Pipe Fitting

The Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) certifies the welding operations at Versitech.

In accordance with CWB standards, our personnel and processes are audited regularly.

From our manufacturing facility in Hamilton we deliver the skills and equipment to fabricate and install structural components covered by the Ontario Building Code.

Versitech also maintains a fleet of trucks and field equipment to respond to remote or emergency work orders quickly and safely.

Our company has all the skills, knowledge, and abilities required for any pipe job. Whether air and water lines, or chemical process piping; whether using galvanized, stainless steel, PVC, copper, and black pipe, our trades-people are up to your task.

We readily mobilize crews to execute installation and repairs of piping systems to TSSA standards.

Our work can be found across a range of industrial applications including food processing plants, chemical refineries, and manufacturing facilities.

View our Pipe Fitting Gallery to see samples of our pipe fitting work.